Why Is God Just

Why Is God Just. Therefore, for god to be just means that he is consistent, virtuous, innocent, and right. It is you who are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant which god made with your fathers, saying to abraham, ‘and in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed.’.

He is there! Always.
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One of the clearest evidences of the deity of jesus is the jewish leaders’ reaction to jesus’ words and actions. He hates lying, cheating, and other forms of mistreatment of others. God allows things to happen in life that don’t make sense to us… but they do make sense to him.

“He Is The Rock, His Works Are Perfect, And All His Ways Are Just.

God has promised that he will, indeed, rightly judge and condemn satan, but on the future day. Justice and righteousness are often used synonymously in the bible. Because there is no way to ascertain what a deity's motives might be, there's no way to know that pascal's wager would.

The Situation Can Be Summarized As Follows:

The way to understand jesus' substitutionary death under god's wrath is that he is doing it in such a way as to glorify or magnify the infinite worth of the glory of god. “anyone who does wrong will be repaid for. Jesus is god in the flesh.

There Are Many Eyewitness Accounts Of Jesus And His Death, Burial, And Resurrection.

A faithful god who does no wrong, upright. 3 things god will avenge. The simple answer is that god has a purpose even in satan’s existence and activity.

It Is You Who Are The Sons Of The Prophets And Of The Covenant Which God Made With Your Fathers, Saying To Abraham, ‘And In Your Seed All The Families Of The Earth Shall Be Blessed.’.

I’d love to hear a better argument for why god doesn’t just make it easy for us to measure his existence, the free will excuse just doesn’t hold up, it’s clutching at straws in the. God could just as easily reward his creations for being skeptical. God is just in meting out rewards:

He Hates Lying, Cheating, And Other Forms Of Mistreatment Of Others.

Given (1) and (2), we will disagree with god’s. If god, as understood by christian mythology, exists, then it it patently clear that he/she/it is undeniably cruel. God allows things to happen in life that don’t make sense to us… but they do make sense to him.