Untold Stories Of The Er What's In Her Ear

Untold Stories Of The Er What's In Her Ear. Okay so this stuck up old lady comes in and she feels strange so she demands all these tests. Subscribe to discovery fit and health!

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An er doctor is suffering from an aneurysm; The doctors must deal with a drunk woman has been impaled by a stiletto. ☆most recently on tlc's untold stories of the er.

In This Exclusive Clip From “Untold Stories Of The Er” (Airs Sun.

Dramatizations of patients in life threatening moments while doctors do their best to help them in the e.r. A patient with abdominal pains confuses er doctors who are not sure at first whether she is a man or woman. A bewildered man is brought to the er by the sheriff after reporting a theft.

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Untold stories of the er: Is an american docudrama television series which airs on tlc and discovery life. I quickly refused and my sweet friend bonnie came over and offered to take me to the er.

The Rest Is A Bit Of A Blur And I Remember Someone Asking If I Wanted Them To Call The Ambulance.

Two ladies ready to hit the town, end up breathless in the er instead; I believe that in real life the police would have been involved and she would. So they do all these tests on her and find nothing wrong.

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November 1, 2013 9:00 pm — 42 mins. The definitive site for reviews, trailers, showtimes, and tickets A patient has a bug stuck in her ear;

This Would Never Have Happened.

A woman needs something removed from her ear. A burly, bearded man comes into the e.r. You'd think tv viewers would be used to dramatic reenactments by now, but the dramatizations on untold stories of the er are still confusing fans.