How To Make Story In Little Alchemy

How To Make Story In Little Alchemy. How to make story in little alchemy. Watch this video on youtube!

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2 air + fire = energy. Air + planet = atmosphere. Drag air onto the playing board.

Earth + Fire = Lava.

Combinations, find out how to make combos, and what elements make. Play little alchemy 2, the sequel to little alchemy! Next, you must combine the elements of air and air.

Air + Planet = Atmosphere.

The windows and mobile phone game gets you to mix various, random ingredients together to concoct a variety. Energy + primordial soup = life. Little alchemy 2 step by step cheats!

Unlocking Evil Will Also Allow You To Combine With Other Cool Elements. is the best cheats guide for little alchemy 1 and little alchemy 2. Earth + sea = primordial soup. In order to create yoda in little alchemy, you will need to combine the elements of air and fire.

Earth + Water = Mud Mud + Plant = Swamp In The 3Rd Step, We Will Make Energy:

You'll find the air icon at the top of the menu that's on the right side of little alchemy. Continent + continent = planet. Use this list of element combinations to.

This Will Create The Element Of Energy, Which You Will Then Need To Combine With The Element Of.

1 air + fire = energy. Wanna know how to make story in little alchemy? Method 1using the original little alchemy.