How To Hide Ig Stories From Everyone

How To Hide Ig Stories From Everyone. To unhide your story from someone, tap to unselect them. In the ‘story settings’ menu, you should see the ‘hide story from’ segment.

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Tap on your profile in the lower right corner. They can still find your profile on instagram, but they’d have to send you another request to access your page again. Sometimes it gets hard to hide story from unknown users.

Instagram Highlight Stories Disappear When Someone Hides Stories From You And If You Ask A User To Send Your A Story To Highlight A Story From That Use, You’d Read Such A Message.

It seems the only way is to make your account private, manually click every follower to block them from viewing your story for 24 hours. Select the people you'd like to hide your story from, then tap done (iphone) or tap back in the top left (android). Now select the hide your story option from that menu.

Tap The Number Of People Next To Hide Story From.

Please remember that hiding is not the same as blocking. Select hide your story from the menu. How to hide someone’s instagram story?

All One Has To Do When Posting A Story Is Just Go To The Settings Option — That Little Gear Icon — And Select Hide My Story From And Go To Town.

Inside his or her profile, tap on the overflow menu. Use the hide story feature. While viewing your instagram feed, tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Tap On Your Profile In The Lower Right Corner.

How to protect instagram story from unknown? How do i hide instagram story from everyone? Open the instagram app and choose the profile of the person that you want to block on instagram.

From There, You Can Select The People You.

The hide story feature on instagram allows you to hide your story from particular followers easily. Keep this person blocked for 24 hours, or until the story disappears from their profile. We will show you how you can hide your instagram stories from specific people.