Coffee Cup Reading Symbols

Coffee Cup Reading Symbols. Ask the person drinking the coffee to drink the coffee with intent, meaning to think about their questions as they drink. The exact origin of tea leaf reading is not known but one suggestion is that it is a development of a method used by the ancient greeks to perform divination from splashed wine.

Turkish Coffee Cup Readings and Meanings of Symbols from

Good luck in business and stable love life (note: Letters in coffee cup reading; One of the greatest symbols, meaning health, luck, money, love… everything at best.

Short Explanation Of Each Symbol.

Reading coffee grounds starts with the sediment observation. Evil eye turkish coffee cups symbols in the grinds can mean you should protect yourself from somebody’s bad intentions. In turkey coffee cup is divided into horizontal halves:

Remove The Paper Towel And Hold Your Cup Upright.

Horse, in a coffee fortune reading, is a sign of wishes. It aims to foretell the future by interpreting shapes, images and patterns in coffee grounds. The coffee reading interpretations can vary depending how the fortune teller or reader decides to read the cup.

It Is Said That You Have The Evil Eye.

The cup should then be overturned onto a paper towel for a few minutes. Turkish coffee cup reading is an ancient way of divination, occult and fortune telling. The general distribution of the sediment in the cup ;

There Are Symbols And Signs That Are Obvious What They Mean.

The division of the cup takes place in its middle section. The ancient chinese had the ritual of reading the omens inside the bells. Tea leaf reading is done in person rather than over the phone, as it is the cup of the client that is read.

Coffee Cup Reading Numbers Are Giving A Message.

You are now ready to interpret the signs and symbols that the coffee residue has left behind in your cup. 0 means repeated situations, 1 reflects new start, 2 depicts options, 3 expresses meeting, and 4 highlights jealousy. Aircraft (such as airplanes or balloons):